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    • Strengthened Emotional Intelligence Drives:

    • Greater Influence

    • Team Collaboration

    • Happy Customers

    • Increased Revenue

    • Career Promotions

    • Peace & Calm

    • Our Clients are Excelling and Making a Difference

    • CEO Increases Revenue 20% Year-Over-Year

      CEO Increases Revenue 20% Year-Over-Year

      Leader Achieves a 30% Raise, Promotion & Role Clarity

      Emerging Leaders Get Prepared for the Challenges Ahead

      Emerging Leaders Get Prepared for the Challenges Ahead

      Global Employees Embrace

      Global Employees Embrace "Playing Bigger"

    • "20% GROWTH RATE"

      “My company had a 20% growth rate since working with Jennifer. I’ve cut down my hours from 100 to 60 hours a week. She taught me how stand up for myself, how to deal with difficult people and establish clear rules of engagement.” P. Kirby, CEO


      “I’m so excited to have received a 30% raise and title change to Senior Director of Sales. So thankful for your mentorship and to have you on this journey. Can’t thank you enough!” - Sondra H. Sr. Sales Director


      “I hope you can come back for another presentation. When you do, I will drag every person I know into it if I have to! It was a wonderful experience that I want others to have.” Workshop Attendee, IHS Markit