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      “Jennifer’s workshop was one of our best rated programs. Her easy demeanor set a great tone for sharing and productive discussions. It was a perfect balance between information and practical tips, story-sharing and discussion. We loved her so much that we’ve asked her to come back and run several more workshops in our other offices!” - Sandra Wang, Ipreo Women’s Initiative Global Lead, Raleigh, NC


      "Jennifer delivered well-researched, thoughtful content to a group of rising stars. She kept the audience engaged and was effective at helping them learn through interactions with one another. Jennifer is the consummate professional and was agile in her approach to supporting our organization." - Tara Brown, Talent Development Sr. Manager, Jack Henry & Assoc., Winston-Salem, NC


      “If I implement only one of the concepts suggested by Jennifer, my life will be forever improved!” - Sylvie, Hilton Worldwide Headquarters, Dallas, TX


      “I hope you can come back for another presentation. When you do, I will drag every person I know into it if I have to! It was a wonderful experience that I want others to have.”- Workshop attendee with IHS Markit, Raleigh, NC


      "Jennifer is the person you want to talk to about where you are and where you want to be. Her personality is open, welcoming, and encouraging. She's just a huge support of my thoughts and goals and I'm a better person for working with her." - Michelle Huls Rice, Founder of the Women's Dreamvision Network, IL


      "Just wanted to let you know how much our members enjoyed your presentation. Have had nothing but positive comments on it. Our volunteer photographer was so caught up in your message that he forgot to take the photos we requested! Thank you for delivering an important and timely message!" - Lois Laird, Executive Officer, Greater Golden Triangle REALTORS®


      "Jennifer taught me practical, simple and immediate ways that I could find real solutions for my anxiety and lack of confidence in stressful situations. She taught me some healthy coping mechanisms, and ways to fight against negative feelings. If you are looking for a mentor as well as a friend, I highly recommend Jen.” - M. Brown, Asst. Director of University Marketing, Nashville, TN


      “Jennifer coaches with such a powerful and engaged direction. I leave conversations never realizing that she has given any advice or recommendations. It is as if I had the knowledge and understanding on my own all along. Yet, I hear her gentle voice and begging questions resonating when I make decisions for weeks on end.” - Lindsey L., Strategy Consultant, Dallas, TX

    • "I have now signed a contract with a new, quickly growing and highly successful firm. Me pushing myself, learning new things and succeeding at job interviews are largely your doing - and all of the tips you've given me will stay for the rest of my career - so thank you for being such a great coach and a kind, good-hearted person."

      Marta Lindner, Director Head of Client Services, London, England

    • "Jennifer is an amazing leadership & business coach! She guided me to create the perfect recipe for refocus that I had been searching for in my business and personal life. Her thoughtfulness and insight truly reenergized me and the sense of overwhelming chaos that I was swimming in suddenly felt manageable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for balance and a boost (and anything in between)!"

      Sara Fredericks, Director, Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services, Dallas, TX

    • "I decided to hire Jennifer because I was looking for guidance on specific negotiation skills, and I knew she had a great reputation for getting results. Not only did she teach me negotiation skills, mindset, and interview tactics, that I used to get multiple job offers, but the skills she taught me, continue to be valuable in other areas of life too, for example when negotiating with external suppliers at work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their negotiation skills!"

      L. Campbell, Qualitative UX Researcher, London, U.K.

    • "Before working with Jennifer, I felt overwhelmed by my emotions and negative self-talk. I was not kind to myself. I was also afraid to be honest and visualize what I want in my life. Now I feel more confident overall. I am so excited that I have many tools to use as I move forward, and steps to get me closer to a more whole-hearted, authentic and best version of myself."

      Lauren Ciandella, Vice President, New York, NY

    • "You instantly created a safe space to talk through things weighing on my heart. It was clear from the outset that you didn't come with judgment. And you also made it clear that your role was to help me find the solutions that were already in me. I knew above all I needed to be in conversation with someone--to talk through the personal and professional aspects of my life--and you enabled me to do that by immediately being trustworthy and gentle, but also willing to challenge and push me with provoking questions. It's a powerful combination for prompting growth."

      Soo K., Brand Strategist, New York, NY

    • "Thank you! You are so good at supporting and encouraging! I know you deserve credit with so much of the progress I've made! For starters, planting the seeds and pointing me in the right directions, opening my mind to new thoughts and oh, the self care!! And I have had close friends new and old ask me what is different and if I was going to a new therapist!"

      Sarah Holesovsky, Project Manager, Denver, CO

    • "Jennifer is a genius. She was a force to be reckoned with in the corporate arena and is bringing that experience + multiple coaching certifications back to the workplace to support women to step into leadership roles and equip them with the essential tools to get the promotion and respect they want and deserve."

      Kathleen Ventura, Success Coach, Sedona, AZ

    • “Jennifer coaches with such a powerful and engaged direction. I leave conversations never realizing that she has given any advice or recommendations. It is as if I had the knowledge and understanding on my own all along. Yet, I hear her gentle voice and begging questions resonating when I make decisions for weeks on end.”

      Lindsey L., Strategy Consultant, Dallas, TX

    • "Jennifer is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable discussing challenges. I felt that she had a sincere interest in understanding me and gave me advice I could put to use. Two things I found particularly helpful - her input on self talk and how I can change the way I feel about anything at anytime. I definitely benefitted from our time together.”

      June Graham, CEO, June Bijou Creative Consulting, Dallas, TX

    • "I was so blessed by each one of our conversations, and I'm so grateful for the truths, strategies and awareness that you taught me."

      Mindy Morse, Senior Recruiting Manager, Dallas, TX

    • “Thank you for blessing the women coming to 4wordwomen.org with your blog. They are going to feel that you empathize with them and that you "give" them practical advice of how to deal with this pain and turn it into joy. Thank you for using your gift for serving others."

      Diane Paddison, President of 4word, Dallas, TX

    • "My time with Jennifer was a deep dive to discover more of myself, my priorities and my aspirations for the future. The conversations were always thought-provoking and purposeful and targeted what I value most. I understood her genuine care and interest in helping me find what God has placed in my heart to pursue. I am sincerely grateful for the time she invested as she encouraged me to seek the best in myself and others."

      Audrey K., Project Manager, Austin, TX