• How to Say “No” With Less Guilt

  • Wise You,
    Two letters can seem so innocent, don’t you think? However, saying "no" can be so difficult.
    I realized I had a problem saying “no” when I had a mentor point out that I was the source of my stress and anxiety.
    “What do you mean - I’m the one causing my stress?” I asked.
    Certainly the source of my stress was from working over 50 hours a week, leading two volunteer committees, attending two-three evening events each week, spending time with girlfriends and trying to date. I was also balancing time with my dog, phone calls to my family, exercising regularly, catching up on news, squeezing in fun and doing my best not to disappoint people.
    Does my schedule sound familiar?
    Our society values and applauds women who strive to do everything, who say “yes” to life and who are available for others all of the time.
    Logically, we know that lifestyle isn’t sustainable for very long.
    Exhaustion, stress and overwhelm begin to take over.
    At some point, you’re likely to feel frustrated when asked to do one more thing, but also feel guilty if you decline the request.
    My mentor was right. I had to begin saying “no” on a regular basis and release the guilt when doing so.
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