• Prevent Miscommunications at Work With This ONE Tip [Video]

  • Prevent Miscommunications at Work With This One Question

    Brilliant You,

    If you’ve ever experienced a miscommunication (and who hasn’t), then you know how frustrating it can be. A missed deadline or delivering a product that isn’t quite right can lead to arguments, a loss in income or even a firing.

    How can you prevent miscommunications with your boss, team and customers?

    We can express our needs and outline priorities with all parties involved – which I recommend – but even those actions can result in miscommunications.

    There is one simple question that has become my go-to question in my life, and one that I share with my clients to ensure their success.

    Once you know this question, you may think, “Isn’t this an obvious question to ask?” It can be; however, in my 20 years as a corporate leader, hiring manager and executive coach working across industries, I’ve rarely heard this question asked. 

    And this question warrants repeating over-and-over.

    Prevent Miscommunications at Work With This One Tip

    In this video I share the go-to question and how to use it in these different scenarios:

    • Setting expectations with your boss, team, clients and other key stakeholders
    • Boosting team cohesion
    • During a hiring interview

    Your turn: Have you used this question, and is it time to ask it again? Maybe you do something else to prevent miscommunications. If so, I’d like to know. Post a comment or schedule a chat below.

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